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The pen that records HD video. Click. Record. Play.

iSpyPen Pro HD Camera Pen (Silver or Gold)
  • 1080p HD Video Camera

    Record HD video on your iSpyPen Pro.

  • Up to 32GB of Memory

    Hours of HD recording on your iSpyPen Pro.

  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery

    Up to 60 minutes HD recording per charge.

  • Fast and Easy Playback

    Playback on any USB device.

As Seen on Fox 13 News Tampa Bay

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Don't take our word for it.

Spy cameras can be hit and miss sometimes when it comes to quality.

After reviewing the footage I obtained during the day with overcast skies, I was delighted by the great video quality that came from this pen camera. The details in the video were sharp and the colors all looked great.

I was really impressed with the look and feel of the pen when it arrived. Not realizing that I inserted the SD card into the pen incorrectly, I thought the pen was a dud. WOW! I was really impressed that they cared so much about making it right and walked me through the set up of the product. Honestly, this is the best product customer service I've ever received.

Very useful when taking notes in class. Camera has great quality as well as the sound. Good battery life. Fully lived up to my expectations. If you're a college student then this pen would be perfect!

This pen is a great conversation starter. I recorded video of some friends at dinner the other night and transferred the card to my Samsung tablet. When they saw the results, they were amazed. I called the support number to find out if I could hide the date/time stamp which appears onscreen - the support response time was the fastest I have ever experienced.

I had an exceptional experience dealing with Andrew and the iSpyPens team. They provided me with an unprecedented level of knowledge and guidance into the digital device world.

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Click the button on top of the pen to start recording HD video.


Plug the pen into any USB device and the pen will load like a USB flash drive.


Simply click on a file to open it and play it back instantly.

As Seen on Bay News 9 Tampa Bay