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iSpyPen Pro

Discreet personal security solutions -

protecting life, property, and peace of mind.

iSpyPens.com was launched in 2016 by Andrew Gilliland from his college dorm room at The University of Tampa. The company solves an urgent need for a more reliable personal security device. Today, iSpyPens.com has served tens of thousands of customers around the world.

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Andrew Gilliland 

Andrew Gilliland is the founder of www.iSpyPens.com and launched the company from his dorm room in August 2016.  A well versed e-Commerce and online sales professional, Andrew started building online sales platforms at age 8. Learn more about Andrew.

Kimani Francis 

Director of Operations
Kimani brings a unique perspective to our operations and the people we impact as a result. He is focused on implementing and improving our operations to exceed the expectations of customers, investors, and employees.

David Hunt 

Lead UX Developer
Dave is a master e-Commerce developer and leads our technical and design team. Dave works to deliver an exceptional experience to all users. 

As a top-rated camera pen brand, our team of product engineers, developers, and trained service experts work relentlessly to create an exceptional experience for each and every customer.