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Andrew Gilliland

Founder & Director
Andrew Gilliland is the founder of www.iSpyPens.com and Action Holdings LLC.  A well versed e-Commerce and online sales professional, Andrew started building online sales platforms at age 8. Learn more about Andrew.

Geoff Doback

Research and Development Engineer

Geoff Doback is currently conducting research for the NASA-Florida Space Grant Consortium. His extensive background in computer-aided design enables him to innovate and design products that appeal to users’ experiences while maintaining a practical, aesthetically-pleasing design. 

Kimani Francis

Director of Customer Care
Kimani Francis brings a profound perspective of people and customers. He’s focused on implementing and improving our culture of compassion and efficiency within our customer service.

Morgan Barse

Director of Branding, Media, and Recruitment
Morgan Barse 

Chad Doback

Lead Account Manager
Chad Doback has a background in marketing, bringing creativity to the sales department. He leads the influencer and affiliate program, content creation, and other media outlets.