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iSpyPen Pro - Charging Guide

NOTE: We highly advise that you do NOT use the included charging cable (shown above) to charge your iSpyPen Pro, or to play back files. We will be discontinuing this cable, as it is unnecessary to proper functioning. You can plug your iSpyPen Pro directly into a USB input as shown below.

Step 1: We recommend utilizing the included Wall USB Plug to charge your iSpyPen Pro. There is a little white rectangle inside of the USB input (as shown above). Ensure that this is on the top of the input (towards the ceiling).


Step 2: After you have unscrewed your pen, ensure that the blue side of the USB output is face up, and slide it directly in to the USB input (as shown above).

iSpyPen Pro is Charging

iSpyPen Pro Charging Complete

Step 3: The indicator light will flash yellow, until your iSpyPen Pro is fully charged. Once fully charged, the indicator light will become solid yellow.


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