1. Receive iSpyPen Pro and open it up. In the box is your iSpyPen Pro and an instruction manual. Please reference your user manual while reviewing this detailed documentation.


  1. Unscrew your pen to reveal the USB.


  1. Charge the iSpyPen Pro via USB for 2 hours, the indicator light will be red while charging is taking place. The red light will turn off when charging is complete.



  1. You are ready to record 1080p HD video. Simply press the control button for 2 seconds. The indicator light flashes blue two times. This powers the pen ON and initiates HD video recording.


  1. The pen will record until you click the control button to STOP recording, or until the pen runs out of battery. The pen will record for 60 continuous minutes per full charge. Files will be saved in 5 minute increments to preserve the integrity of the files on your device. 


  1. When the pen is ON, You can STOP recording and power the pen off at any time by clicking the control button. The indicator light will flash blue 1 time indicating that the files have saved and pen has turned off.


  1. To playback files your pen must be ON. To turn your pen on, simply press the control button for 2 seconds as described in step 3 and plug the pen directly into your playback device.


  1. Once your pen is plugged into your playback device, ensure that a blue indicator light is illuminated. If you do not see a blue indicator light illuminated, this means the pen is OFF. If you see a red indicator light only, this means the pen is charging. To turn the pen on, simply press the control button for 2 seconds.


  1. Look for the drive called iSpyPen Pro on your computer or playback device. Within the iSpyPen Pro drive you will find a “VIDEOS” folder and a timeset.txt file. The “VIDEOS” folder contains all video files. The timeset.txt file allows you to update the time/datestamp according instructions below.


  1. Simple click a video file to open and play it. If you have any troubles with playback, download our free application here: www.ispypens.com/vlc