One year ago today I embarked on a journey that has been life changing. While certainly unsure of what I was getting myself into, my team and I have worked relentlessly to drive iSpyPens LLC into the position it is in today. People often ask me how many hours I spend on my business - and I answer that I don’t know, because I truly don’t know…what I do know is that if we have achieved any medium of success, it isn’t the product of the countless hours we put in, but the insane amount of energy, passion, and focus that we deliver every day. To that end I thank Luciano Perdomo, who although has since exited from the company, was right there by my side every minute grinding and working to lay a solid foundation for the future.
Thank you to Josh, Nina, and Benji who are the iSpyPens team behind the scenes, working to help me make this happen.
I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Eric Liguori, Anthony Italiano, and the entire faculty and board of The Lowth Entrepreneurship Center. You have provided and continue to provide me with access to resources that I am forever grateful for.
I have learned things that school cannot teach. Hundreds of mentors, professors, coaches, and connections have been critical to my ability to lead this company over the last year. I would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their contributions:
Anthony Italiano
Eric Liguori
Ben Stranzl
Dan Greco
Eric Gilliland
Dawn Gilliland
Luciano Perdomo
Dan Daniels
Brandon Rimes
Kevin Moore
Giles Hertz
Rebecca White
Ray Ingersoll
Chuck Papageorgiou
Benson Riseman
Todd Montgomery
Jason Ludwig
Sam Adams
Alan Town
Dan Daniels
Candace Moya
Vicky Bui
Yvonne Franco
Juliane Mora
Rhonda Robinson
Brad Kugler
Debra Schreiber
Kevin Harrington
Nina Sennott
Benji Fourquet
Josh Hackett
Capri Crotty
Topher Morrison
Eric Thomas
Gary Vaynerchuk
Tony Robbins
Thank you to everyone who has supported my company and vision.
Most sincerely,