Why a Spy Pen is the Best Spy Camera Gadget

Why a Spy Pen is the Best Spy Camera Gadget

Secret camera surveillance products are taking the spy industry by storm; water bottles, teddy bears, alarm clocks, and eyeglasses are among the thousands of options you have when searching for the best spy camera to purchase and use. It can be overwhelming to choose one device when there are so many available, but luckily, there is one single product that outperforms them all; a spy pen.

Spy pens have been available since spy gadgets started gaining popularity years ago, but the technology found in the handheld devices has never been so advanced and savvy. New spy pen models now offer outstanding features, such as 75 minute battery life, 24 hours of holding capacity, full HD visuals and audio, and unique colors and designs. iSpyPens.com, the world’s premier spy pen seller, even offers add-on products that enable instant playback via Wifi and wireless battery adapters that allow 4 hours of battery life.

However, these impressive specifications and technology are not the sole reason that a spy pen is the best spy camera gadget on the market. Below are a few of the main reasons that spy pens offer the best surveillance in the spy industry.

  1. Everyone owns a pen

Whether you are a private investigator, law enforcement, detective, waitress, or desk employee, a pen will never seem out of place in your hand, in your pocket, or on a surface nearby. While some spy devices stick out in settings where they are uncommon, spy pens have the unique quality of being fully concealable and unnoticeable.

  1. Multiple ways to use its surveillance technology (Bodycam, unattended room recording, etc)

Your spy pen can be used in several different ways, all while secretly recording whatever it is you need recorded. One obvious way is by using the pen for its seemingly intended purpose, which is writing or drawing on a notepad. While writing, you will also be recording. Another way to use a spy pen is by placing it down in a room unattended, leaning up against a wall or on a flat surface; the pen will blend in perfectly in any room you place it in. Lastly, the spy pen can actually be used as a body cam. Simply unscrew off the tip of the pen, leaving only a small metal cylinder with a concealed camera, and place it hidden underneath clothes on your body. Pair this with a battery adapter like the one mentioned above, and now you have yourself a body camera.

  1. Simple to use (and simple to spy)

The most advanced pens on the market offer ‘one tap to start’ and ‘one tap to stop recording’ technology. This means you will never be looking at your spy pen wondering, “Am I recording right now?”. In addition, with a built in USB port on the bottom of the pen, you are able to download, view, and share videos by simply plugging it in to any computer or laptop. There are no function settings or buttons, no wires, and no preparation time; simply press the top button and allow the spying to commence.