Which Spy Pen is For Me?

Which Spy Pen is For Me?

While searching endlessly on the internet for the best spy pen, you may feel lost and overwhelmed; there are hundreds of pens on the market, each offering their own advantages and abilities. You may see specifications and features that you are unfamiliar with; What is a Gigabyte? What is 1080 resolution? What is a “memory card reader”? Luckily, purchasing a spy pen does not need to be so complicated. Below is a compiled list from a surveillance and spy pen expert that outlines what features and qualities you should look for in a spy pen.

1. Memory

The memory in your spy pen will determine how many videos your pen can hold, and how long each video can be. A general rule is the smaller amount of gigabytes, or GB, the lesser amount of footage your pen can hold. While 16GB may be suitable for a beginner requiring about three hours of footage, the best spy pens can hold 128GBof videos, or about 24 hours worth. The most advanced spy pen companies on the market offer their products with different capacities based on your wants and needs.

2. Resolution & Video Quality

The resolution and video quality on your pen will determine how clear your visual and audio recordings will be. If you are looking for clear and pristine audio and visuals, you want a spy pen with full HD quality recording ability. Anything less than HD will be unreliable and hard to see and hear.

3. Functionality
Every spy pen has different functions and abilities. In the case of functionality, less is more. A pen will multiple settings, buttons, lights, and switches will only make the pen more confusing without adding and necessary technology. You want a spy pen that is simple and easy to begin and end recording videos. iSpyPens.com, the world’s #1 spy pen company, recently developed the iSpyPen Pro, which needs one button press to begin recording, and one button press to end recording; with a pen that simple, reliability and functionality is the best it could be.

4. Battery Life

A spy pen is a small device, so the battery has to be compact and portable. However, different spy pen developers have invested in small, lightweight, and best of all, long lasting batteries that can last an hour long. The most advanced spy pens on the market offer 60-75 minutes of continuous recording time.

5. Compatible Accessories

While the best spy pens will function well and impressively on their own, you may want to level up your experience with compatible accessories and add-ons. These can include protective cases, ink refills, battery adapters, and wireless playback adapters. Make sure the company you order your spy pen from also offers compatible accessories; iSpyPens.comis a standout provider of spy pen accessories, all of which are compatible with their iSpyPen Pro.