1080P Wide Screen HD Video (AVI Format)

Records 1920x1080 resolution at 30 frames per second

    Discreet Indicator Light
    The indicator light lets you know you are recording, and then it shuts off. This keeps your iSpyPen Pro concealed for discreet video capture.


    Internal flash memory up to 128GB for fast and reliable playback - every time.

    Time/Date Stamp
    Easily activate the Time/Date Stamp on your iSpyPen Pro. The Time/Date Stamp marks the date and time on your videos so you can keep track of when each was recorded.

    Integrated Lithium-Ion Battery
    Record 60-75 minutes of HD video with your iSpyPen Pro per charge. Or charge and record up to 4 hours at a time with our Portable Charger.

    Plug & Play Simplicity
    Fully compatible with all devices. Simply plug it into your USB port and your iSpyPen Pro is ready for playback, or try our Instant Smartphone Playback Adapter for on-the-go playback.

    Ballpoint Pen 

    Your iSpyPen Pro is a real ink pen too (of course). 

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    At iSpyPens.com, we are 
    committed to providing you with world class products and service. Our products are the best on the market and we stand behind them 100%. In order to give our customers the highest level of service, each product is backed with:
    ✔ 1 Year Limited Warranty
    ✔ 7 Day Return Policy
    ✔ 24/7 Customer Support