iSpyPens Portable Charger is perfect for on-the-go carry. At 5,000mah, it is designed to recharge your iSpyPen Pro up to 10 times or power your Instant Smartphone Playback Adapter for up to 5 hours. When it arrives, you need to charge up the Portable Charger via the included MicroUSB cable.

How to Charge Your Portable Charger

1. Plug in the power bank using the included MicroUSB cable. The charging input is shown below.
2. Once the battery is fully charged, the indicator lights will stop flashing and become steady white.

How To Charge your iSpyPen Pro

Your Portable Charger features a USB output which can is used to charge your iSpyPen Pro.
1. Identify the location of the USB Output on your Portable Charger.
2. Plug your iSpyPen Pro into the USB Output as shown below, with the indicator light face up. Detailed documentation for your iSpyPen Pro can be found here.

How To Power your Instant Smartphone Playback Adapter

1. Your Portable Charger features a built in MicroUSB output (as shown below), which will be used to power your Instant Smartphone Playback Adapter.

2. Once your Playback Adapter is powered on and the WiFi indicator is solid blue, simply plug your iSpyPen Pro into the USB input on your Instant Smartphone Playback Adapter. Click here for Instant Smartphone Playback Adapter detailed documentation.
Note: We have also included an iPhone charging adapter which you can use if you need to power your other Apple products.